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Housing projects

The housing of some of the sponsored families is abominable. For example they live in a mud hovel or their house looks as if it might fall to pieces. Sometimes a family risks being put on the street, because the owner of the house intends to sell it. In these situations a housing project of CSP can bring relief.

When a sponsored family is in such a need, the contact person can apply for a housing project. This might mean the purchase of a simple house or apartment for a family. But building an extra room, building a house or doing a renovation are also possible, depending on what is the best solution for a family.

For donations:
INGbank account number 6990377, account name Stg. Kinder Sponsor Plan te Rotterdam, Please state: ‘Huizenprojecten’. Or fill in standing order form.
General informations
Child Sponsor Programme Netherlands
(Stichting Kinder Sponsor Plan
te Krimpen aan de Lek)

Direct donations to Child Sponsor Programme Netherlands

Attn: Stichting Kinder Sponsor Plan,
PO Box 2098, 2930 AB
Krimpen aan de Lek
Bank account numbers:
ING Bank: IBAN: NL51INGB0006990377

Rabobank: IBAN: NL82 RABO 0333 8113 72

Account name: Stichting Kinder Sponsor Plan, Capelle ad IJssel

Governing board
Mr. H. J. Kesting
Mr. G. van Sabben
Mr. M. J. van der Weide
See Bord of directors
Board of directors

Jaco van der Sterre

Peter Edelenbosch
(Supervisor Eastern Europe)

Cees Slings
(Field Funding)

Cobi van Sabben
(Financial supervisor)

Contact in Belgium

OostEuropa Zending VZW /
Kinder Sponsor Plan 170
2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp)

Bank account number:
IBAN: BE57 4140 3536 6135
Account name:
OostEuropa Zending VZW Brussels

Online donation
Click here for your donation to
Child Sponsor Programme
(Kinder Sponsor Plan)